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By: Stacy Nelson | Posted: Oct. 9, 2018

After eight short months The Clendenin Leader has become a trusted source for reliable information and uplifting stories concerning the Elk River community. We would like to thank you for welcoming us into your lives and allowing us to share the progress and resiliency of our community.

We have been making upgrades to our platform in order to accommodate the influx of traffic that we have been experiencing. It humbles us to see that our Facebook posts alone have reached over 36,500 people with more than 14,000 likes, comments and shares from just the past 28 days. Several of our original content articles on the website have been viewed by 1,500 to 3,000+ people each, and the geographical statistics show us that The Clendenin Leader’s reach is heavily focused on the Elk River and surrounding communities, as well as those with connections to the area, but currently live elsewhere.

Up until now, we have not aggressively pursued advertising opportunities, choosing to focus on creating a platform to serve the community over ad sales. To those who chose to advertise with us from the beginning, before we even had statistics, we thank you for believing in us and our vision. We welcome businesses, organizations, associations, politicians, crafters, musicians, churches, schools and others to advertise with The Clendenin Leader. We have display advertising rates starting as low as $100 a month and we have the ability to customize a program that works for you, including email, social media, print, and more. You can view our online media kit at and contact us by one of the methods below to discuss advertising opportunities. We look forward to working with you.

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