Greater Kanawha Long-Term Recovery Committee Continues Search for Volunteers

By: Hillary Hall | Posted: Jan. 24, 2017 at 10:33 p.m. EST | Source: WOWKTV

After having open heart surgery just days before June’s flood, Paul Richard relied heavily on volunteers to work on his Clendenin, WV home.

“They brought me a load of sheetrock and insulation. They were supposed to come back to help put it up and everything. I’ve never seen anybody since they brought the sheet rock,” said Paul.

Greater Kanawha Long-Term Recovery Committee Continues Search for Volunteers Photo 2

Members of the Greater Kanawha Long-Term Recovery Committee say volunteers have been in short supply for the last two months.


Community leaders meet with Long-term Recovery Committee to plan flood recovery

By: Kalea Gunderson | Jan. 11, 2017 | Source: WCHSTV

Recovery Committee is in need of volunteers in order to finish rebuilding homes in flooded areas of the Kanawha County. (WCHS/WVAH)

In the areas of Kanawha County affected by June’s flood, there is a mix of needs. While many families are rebuilding their homes, some haven’t even started, and recovery organizations can’t do it all. They need volunteers.

Churches, businesses, state and local leaders were all invited to meet under one roof Tuesday night to come up with a plan on how they can help flood victims recover.

Lois Broyles is a disaster case manager, who sees, every day, the conditions many Clendenin families are still living in.

“We have families with children who are are living in trailers with not running water or have no heat, or have floors that are falling through,” Broyles said.

Mountain Mission and the Greater Kanawha Long-Term Recovery Committee have been working together to meet the needs of those families. Executive Director of the Recovery Committee, Mike Shinn says they can’t do it without volunteers.

“We would have weeks of 150 to 100 volunteers, but then all the sudden when November and December hit, we had a few more groups coming from out of state, but our local volunteer base dropped to 10 to 15 people a week,” Shinn said.

Shinn says while much of the debris has been cleaned out of the homes, it’s simple rebuilding materials and labor that many families don’t have and can’t afford.

Executive Director of Mountain Mission, John Roberts says the purpose of the meeting was to hear reports of what has been accomplished since June and develop a plan of action for how to finish the work that has already been started.

“This is what we need to carry on, to make sure this recovery comes as fast and has the quality that these families deserve,” Roberts said.

Moving forward in the recovery process, Broyles says the most important thing for the community to remember is that the need is still very real.

“The need is still great. It isn’t like it was great after the flood and now it’s okay, but the need is still very great,” Broyles said.

The main goal of the meeting was to build a network of volunteers and skilled laborers, who are ready and available to help.

Long term recovery group formed to help flood victims

By: WSAZ News Staff | Posted: Sept. 8, 2016 | Source: WSAZ

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A newly formed committee is going to help ease the transition process as FEMA withdraws from West Virginia following the June 23 flooding.

The Greater Kanawha Long Term Recovery Committee is made up of members from organizations like The Red Cross, Union Mission, and Mountain Mission.

Thursday night Kanawha County Commissioners gave the group $50,000 to help establish it’s headquarters in Clendenin and help displaced residents. (more…)

Cleanup in Clendenin continues after deadly flooding

By: Eric Halperin | Posted: July 14, 2016 | Source: WOWKTV

Clendenin was one of the hardest hit areas by the storm. Buildings overturned, businesses destroyed, a church nearly falling into the river and roads caved in. It’s all just some of the damage left behind by deadly floods as people continued the cleanup.

“It’s like your in a state of shock,” said Kathy Boggs.

She’s lived in her Clendenin home for more than 30 years and said she’s never seen flooding this bad.  (more…)

Jennifer Garner raising money for flood-damaged West Virginia school

By: Associated Press | Posted: July 12, 2016 at 2:16 pm | Source: Page Six

Actress and West Virginia native Jennifer Garner is heading to her home state to raise money for a school damaged by deadly floods.

Garner will attend a July 19 fundraiser at the University of Charleston for flood-damaged Herbert Hoover High School in Clendenin.

Admission is $100 or $500 for a meet-and-greet and photo. Sponsorships are $1,000.

The June 23 floods killed 23 people and ravaged homes and infrastructure. Clendenin was one of the hardest-hit towns.

Floods left mud in the halls and ruined some classrooms at Herbert Hoover. The boiler room had 10 feet of water. The rest of the first floor had 7 feet of water.

Country singer and fellow West Virginia native Brad Paisley toured the school late last month. He’s also raising money for flood victims.

‘Thousand-year’ downpour led to deadly West Virginia floods

By: Tom Di Liberto | Posted: July 8, 2016 | Source:

A tremendous amount of rain fell across central and southern West Virginia and western Virginia during the third week of June. With nowhere to go but into local waterways, many streams, creeks and rivers turned into raging torrents, washing away anything in their paths. The flash floods killed at least 23 people making the event the third deadliest flood in West Virginia history according to news reports citing the West Virginia state climatologist, Kevin Law. (more…)

Four generations of a Clendenin family lose homes in flooding

By: Sean DeLancey, Jarrod Clay | Posted: July 1, 2016 | Source: WCHSTV

Four generations of a Clendenin family are putting their lives back together after losing everything to floodwaters.

When most people experience tragedy they lean on family for support, but this family can’t because they all lost their homes.

Clendenin is still in ruins. Hundreds of homes are gutted and no longer fit to live in. (more…)

Photo of boy devastated by West Virginia floods sparks outpouring of kindness

By: Alexandra Zaslow | Posted: July 1, 2016 at 4:03 pm | Source:

Nick Scott was on his way to a local church to help those affected by the flooding in West Virginia, when he encountered a heartbreaking sight.

While sitting in traffic with dozens of shampoo bottles, clothing and food in the backseat of his car, he spotted a young boy, Michael Swiney, standing in the mud watching his family members attempt to salvage cherished possessions from their Clendenin, West Virginia, home. (more…)

Family with Upstate ties displaced by WV floods

By: Elizabeth Sanders LaFleur | Posted: July 1, 2016 | Source: Greenville News

Jonathan and Melissa Cleghorn were out of town when devastating floods hit West Virginia late last week.

Cleghorn says a neighbor called to let him know the river behind their home in Clendenin, West Virginia was rising. Cleghorn says the family checked a river meter on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website and saw the water was rapidly rising. Over the next hours and days, Cleghorn said they watched as the river peaked at nearly 33 and a half feet. That peak broke a record from the 1880s and was more than 14 feet above flood stage. (more…)

National Guard, firefighters join forces to save West Virginia flood victims

By: Sgt. Zoe Morris | Posted: July 1, 2016 | Source: U.S. Army

CLENDENIN, W.Va. – When the flood waters began rising in West Virginia on the night of June 23, the call went out the Clendenin Fire Department’s swift-water rescue unit — one of the best in the state, according to Kevin Clendenin, who is not only fire chief but was also out on a rescue mission that evening.

Within hours, those team members would be working with West Virginia National Guard members on countless rescue missions. (more…)