Flood Rebuild & Recover

By: Lauren Talotta | Posted: June 22, 2018 | Source: WCHSTV

The Tanner family was able to move their house to a new property a few miles away.

Saturday marks two years since devastating floods hit West Virginia, destroying homes and lives. In Kanawha County, Clendenin was one of the areas hit the hardest by the 2016 flood, the rebuilding continues there today.

The Tanners are just one of the hundreds of families displaced by the flood in and around the town of Clendenin. They remember June 23, 2016 like it was yesterday.

That morning, it started raining,” said Zac Tanner. “We tried to save as much as we could. The water just got so high, we just climbed up the hill in the back of our house.”

“I was out work, and my husband called and said our house was starting to flood,” said Jennifer Tanner.

Memories washed away in just minutes, but…