School Nurses from Clendenin/Bridge Elementary, Pinch Elementary, Elkview Middle and Herbert Hoover High School.
Susan Jack | The Clendenin Leader

It is widely known that many children are deprived of a hot meal when school is not in session.

Due to the continuation of the teacher walk-out, prompting more school cancellations in the area, the Clendenin Health Center (Cabin Creek) decided to provide hot meals at lunchtime on Thursday for any students or families in need.

Volunteers with the Clendenin Health Center teamed with Elk River Backpack Blessings, the Clendenin United Methodist Church, Principal Vanessa Brown, and school nurses from Clendenin/Bridge Elementary, Pinch Elementary, Elkview Middle, and Herbert Hoover High School, to help insure that children had an opportunity for a hot meal on this day.

Despite a wide-spread power outage in the area, they stuck with the plan as the Clendenin Volunteer Fire Department graciously volunteered their facility where they had generators on hand.

Due to the disruption caused by the power outage, turnout was lower than expected, so volunteers quickly shifted to Plan B.

They jumped in and set out to deliver the meals personally, going door to door, to those they knew might be in need, and Elk River Backpack Blessings assisted in delivering hot meals along with their normal backpack deliveries today as well.

Susan Jack of The Clendenin Leader spoke with Mary Grandon, Physician’s Assistant at the Clendenin Health Center about this teaming effort and how important community service is to the staff at the Clendenin Health Center.