By: Briana Warner, Communications Director | Posted: May 30, 2018 | Source: KCBOE

Charleston, West Virginia – Kanawha County Schools announces their sponsorship of the federally-funded Summer Food Service Program.  Breakfast and lunch are open to all children, ages 18 years and under, who would like to participate.

Meals will be served at the following sites:

Alban Elementary                            06/11/18-08/10/18                          8:00 am breakfast/12:00 pm lunch M-F

Capital High School                          07/16/18-07/20/18                          7:00 am breakfast/11:00 am lunch M-F

Dunbar Intermediate                     06/11/18-08/10/18                          8:30 am breakfast/11:30 am lunch M-F

Dunbar Middle School                    07/16/18-07/20/18                          8:00 am breakfast/12:00 pm lunch M-F

Elk Elementary                                  06/11/18-08/10/18                          8:00 am breakfast/11:00 am lunch M-F

Flinn Elementary                              06/11/18-08/10/18                          8:00 am breakfast/12:00 pm lunch M-F

Great Mission Fellowship             06/26/18* & 06/28/18*                 *9:00 am breakfast/**1:00 pm lunchT/Th

Church                                            07/10/18** & 07/12/18**

Kanawha Valley                                 06/11/18-08/10/18                          8:00 am breakfast/11:00 am lunch M-F

Enrichment Center

Pratt Elementary                              06/18/18-07/20/18                          10:00 am breakfast/12:00 pm lunch M-F

Rand Community                             07/09/18-08/10/18                          11:00 am lunch/1:00 pm snack M-F


Riverside Summer                           07/30/18-08/10/18                          12:00 pm lunch/3:00 pm snack M-F


Sharon Dawes Elem                         06/18/18-07/20/18                          12:00 pm lunch M-F

A nutritious meal is important for children to learn, play and remain active during the summer months. No enrollment is necessary. Students can simply show up at a meal site.

This program is part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Summer Food Service Program. More information about the USDA program is available at:

For more information about the Kanawha County Schools Summer Food Program, please call 304-348-6660.

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