The Bicycle: A ride down Memory Lane

As we grow older we can’t help but notice the changes all around us relative to how we did things when we were young.  Changes in how we socialize, changes in how we communicate, changes in how we travel and work, just to name a few. Some changes are for the better, some for the worse and some are still yet to be determined. (more…)

Memory Lane

Anyone who grew up on the Elk River will tell you that they have fond memories of that time and of the many unique people who made up our community. Some of our memories are geared toward specific people who may have left a lasting impact on our lives, while others are of places or events, or simply of our way of life here in the past. Some of our memories are funny, while others are sad. We intend to share these memories and the stories of them here at Memory Lane. We welcome and encourage everyone to submit their own unique story HERE for possible inclusion in this section.

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