Clendenin Community Hears YMCA Desire to Invest in Elk River Area

The old historic Clendenin Elementary School as of August 27, 2018 | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

By: Mark Burdette

CLENDENIN, W.Va. – News started to spread last week on social media and throughout the Town of Clendenin and the surrounding Elk River community, that Josh Humphreys, Branch Director of the YMCA of Kanawha Valley was going to speak at Monday evening’s Clendenin Town Council Meeting. Just shy of a packed house, over 25 people from the community turned out, not counting town council members, town police and local media. Normally, these meetings aren’t as well attended, but on Monday, August 27, 2018, people came out to hear what Humphreys had to say.

Josh Humphries Presenting Proposed YMCA in Clendenin | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

Josh Humphreys, Branch Director with the YMCA of Kanawha Valley | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

According to Humphreys, following the 2016 flood, he began working and advocating for the YMCA of Kanawha Valley to expand into, and serve, the Elk River Community. Recently he received the green light from YMCA CEO, Monty Warner to do just that. Several locations on Elk River have been scouted according to Humphreys, but all roads lead back to one building in particular, the old Clendenin Elementary School building. Humphreys toured the building extensively to determine the extent of damage, and stated, “Its not that bad.” He sees it as the most attractive and viable option in the Elk River Community.

Since the 2016 Flood there have been concerns from the local community about what exactly will happen to the historic Clendenin Elementary School building. Many from the community have expressed at previous Town Council meetings and Clendenin Planning Commission meetings, and on social media, the desire to explore how the building can be re-purposed to benefit the local community and perhaps the local economy as well. However, it is widely known among citizens in the community that a non-profit organization based in Clendenin called “25045 – A New Clendenin”, has been adamant to destroy the building and convert the site into a “greenspace” and walking area.

Rewind to sometime in 2017. FEMA representatives started holding meetings with “25045 – A New Clendenin”, that were not widely publicized, in which they jointly formulated a proposal to use FEMA dollars to demolish the old Clendenin Elementary School building rendering the site a “greenspace”. “25045 – A New Clendenin” has expressed publicly that if the building is signed over to the town, then it could become a burden to the town at some point and therefore they think it should be demolished and the property signed over to them.

The building is currently owned by the Kanawha County Board of Education and it is important to note here that there is no legal requirement to tear down the building. In fact, the building is somewhat protected due to its historical status. The KCBOE can choose to use FEMA funds for demolition now, and create a “greenspace”, however should the building remain in place, under different ownership, those funds would not be available for demolition later.

On August 3, 2017 the Town of Clendenin posted on their Facebook Page the “Notice of public meeting regarding the Section 106  review under the National Historic Preservation Act and the development of a Memorandum of Agreement for the demolition of Clendenin Elementary School, 503 Maywood Avenue East, Clendenin, WV seeking public comment to be held at the Clendenin Community Center, 101 First Street, Clendenin, WV 25045, August 17, 2017, 6:30 – 9:00 PM”.

The public meeting was held as scheduled, attendance was good, and FEMA representatives gave a presentation on their proposed use of the site in coordination with “25045 – A New Clendenin”. FEMA agreed to demolish the building, build a walking track around the area to include historical markers, insert a flagpole in the center of the grassy area, upgrade the ballfield, and pay for a painted mural on the Little League building. The Kanawha County Board of Education would transfer ownership to “25045 – A New Clendenin”.

The vast majority of citizens in attendance, and those who chose to speak at that meeting, where respectfully NOT in favor of this particular proposal. Comments of opposition varied from some pointing out that the town already had enough “greenspace”, to others that did not see the need for a walking track due to the fact that Clendenin was already a “walking town” with the topography being quite level all the way through town. It was also noted that there is a track just 2 miles downriver at the old Herbert Hoover High School complex. The underlying sentiment of the majority in attendance was that although they did not want to see the building remain empty or see it fall into disrepair, they would rather see the building re-purposed and/or see a better use of the resource than what was being proposed by FEMA and “25045 – A New Clendenin”. They also indicated that they would like to see something go in at that location that would draw people into town and felt that a “greenspace” and walking path would not accomplish that.

Despite those sentiments expressed at the public meeting by the majority of attendees, “25045 – A New Clendenin” continued to pursue the proposed plan anyway. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was drafted and executed by the following federal, state, and county agency representatives, as well as “25045 – A New Clendenin”, however, no signature lines were provided or required, for the Clendenin Town Council Members nor the Mayor of the Town of Clendenin. Many in Clendenin were left wondering why FEMA and the organization “25045 – A New Clendenin” even held a public meeting to begin with, if in the end, the majority opinion of the citizens did not matter, and their elected town officials were completely cut out of the process as well. Signatures included on the executed MOA include the following:

  • Emily E. Breslin, Public Assistance Branch Chief with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Stephanie Everfiled, Acting Regional Environmental Officer withthe Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith, State Historic Preservation Officer with the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Officer
  • Jimmy Gianato, Director of the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Frank L. Blackwell, Executive Director of the School Building Authority of West Virginia
  • Dr. Ron Duerring, Superintendent of the Kanawha County Board of Education
  • Kay M. Summers, Vice President with 25045 – A New Clendenin, Inc.


Clendenin Elementary MOA FINAL Executed (Text)

Fast forward to now. As of this date, the building still stands, and according to Humphreys, the historic Clendenin Elementary School building would be a perfect location for a new YMCA facility and would easily accommodate many of their popular programs that serve a wide-range of children, teens, adults and seniors.

Early in Humphreys presentation, he shared the following video that showed the services available and the positive impact the Y can have in a community.

Humphreys alluded to a lot of moving parts and community support required to pull off bringing a YMCA to the town of Clendenin. One possible scenario would be for the School Building Authority to donate the building to the town of Clendenin and access federal dollars to fix and renovate the building. According to Humphreys, the YMCA operates on three things: 1) a shoe-string budget, 2) donations, and 3) volunteers. He made it very clear that the YMCA does not have the money to come in and do this all on their own. They need the entire Elk River community to come together and help make this happen.

Councilman Dave Knight, a member of “25045 – A New Clendenin”, was the most vocal during Humphreys’s presentation stating, “We all would love to see a Y come here. You may want to consider other options because you are asking us, as Town Council, stewards of our tax dollars, to stick our necks out and in case it doesn’t work out, we will be left with it to have to demolish it.” Humphreys responded, “That is part of the reason I am here to tell the community it can’t work without the community getting involved and without everybody coming out, signing up and volunteering.” Knight added, “Well if you’re gonna buy this and do it, that would be great. As far as asking us to do it, I don’t see it myself.” To which a citizen replied, “What’s gonna happen to it? [Are] we just going to stand there and look at it for 100 years?” Knight emphatically responded, “It’s going to be torn down. There’s going to be a track put around it. There’s going to be “greenspace”. There’s going to be a splash park”. At this point the citizens began to rumble in disagreement. Humphreys jumped in to further explain that although there are a few locations that could work and house the YMCA, the old Clendenin Elementary School property would allow the YMCA to service the most amount of people in the community, from the very young to our seniors. Humphreys stated, “The more space we’ve got the more things we can do. That’s what it all boils down to.”

Clendenin Town Council Meeting on Monday, August 28, 2018 | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

Clendenin Town Council Meeting on Monday, August 28, 2018 | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

Humphreys went on to explain, “The CEO and the board members of the Y are on board and want to do something to serve the Elk River community.” He continued by expressing concerns of the YMCA board members, stating “They hear about the things that go on up here about the petulant infighting and ridiculous attitudes that some people have up here and it worries them a little bit that the community isn’t going to come together and get behind it.” Humphreys then detailed a vision for the Y, which eventually could serve the entire flood-affected area. The Coonskin pool could be converted to a year-round facility and a location could be set up in Clay. They would customize programs to fit the needs of the community, whether it be exercise classes, daycare, tutoring services, or many other program options. Humphreys further stated that Clendenin could be the central hub for the Y to service the Elk River communities.

Hollie Schoolcraft, President of the Clendenin Homecoming Festival, asked Humphreys, “Is there a way or a place where we can go to keep abreast on what is going on and what we need to do?” Humphreys encouraged everyone to contact Mayor Shana Clendenin, town councilCommissioner Kent CarperCommissioner Ben Salango, and Commissioner Henry Shores with the Kanawha County Commission along with Senator Shelley Moore Capito (choose ‘Send an email to comment on legislation’ from the drop-down), Senator Joe Manchin’s office and Congressman Alex Mooney. Susie Azevedo, District Representative with Congressman Alex Mooney’s office was in attendance and expressed her support for the YMCA to come to Clendenin and offered to help in any way they could.

In order to serve our community better, we have resources available to our readers on our website to make it easy for you to contact your town, local, state and federal officials (click the corresponding link).

Town resident and community volunteer, Midge Forwood made a great observation that a lot of the town’s patrons are not from Clendenin, but from the surrounding areas in Clay and Roane counties. Humphreys echoed that sentiment that those areas needed served as well and the Y is about serving the entire community.

Schoolcraft added, “There comes a time when you have to take a leap of faith. We can sit around as a community and whine for the next 20 years like I’ve heard for the last 50 years ‘there’s nothing to do, there’s nothing for our kids, we don’t have anything for the seniors, Clendenin is dead’, well…Pick up a shovel!”

Humphreys exclaimed, “What’s going to do the community the best, is what I want to strive for, is strive for the best.”

Susan Jack, community volunteer and co-owner of The Clendenin Leader agreed, “That’s right! We need to strive for the best and quit settling for second best, and we need to go big or go home! We’ve got tremendous potential in this town. We have to start thinking more of ourselves, and we have got to get out and recruit interest with people in Clay and Roane County and get them on board with us. Trust me, there is going to be a lot of people in Clay and Roane counties that will be just as excited about this as the people of Clendenin. Personally, I would love to see that school building saved. I know that’s a risk, but what isn’t in life? I would love to see the school building saved as opposed to more “greenspace”. We have a lot of “greenspace”, rail trails, and we have a walking town. I think it would be a great use of that resource if we can make that work.”

Clendenin Town Council Meeting on Monday, August 28, 2018 | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

Clendenin Town Council Meeting on Monday, August 28, 2018 | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

Anita Edmonds made the most profound quote of the evening saying, “When you think about it, every one of us took a risk when we put our houses back together. We didn’t have to do that. I think we all deserve this and I think it’s a good thing.”

Councilman John Shelton encouraged everyone to get involved and come out to the Town Council meetings and show your support if you want to a YMCA in your local community.

I asked Mayor Shana Clendenin what she believes is the next steps in pursuing this opportunity with the YMCA, and she said, “I believe the next steps are to band together and come up with a plan to secure funding for the project. I wholeheartedly believe in the capabilities of the YMCA and the immense opportunity their presence in Clendenin would have on not just the children, but for our adults and seniors as well. I have been working and talking with several key players for this project for a while now. Community support and togetherness is key in making this dream come true for Clendenin’s future.”

Many residents expressed a desire to see the Clendenin Elementary School building saved, and as expressed so eloquently by Midge Forwood, “It is part of our history”.

Ruth Trembula delivers letter written by Karen McClure to Town Council

Clendenin resident Ruth Trembula also read a letter from Karen McClure, who wasn’t able to attend, to express her support for the YMCA to come to Clendenin and occupy the old Clendenin Elementary School building | Photo Credit: Mark Burdette

Karen McClure Letter to Clendenin Town Council Meeting August 27, 2018 (Text)

Local supporters of the YMCA coming to Clendenin have started a Facebook Group called Elk River Community FOR YMCA in Clendenin, WV. They have also created the following social media graphic to allow supporters to change out their Facebook profile picture to help spread the word and encourage others to support the cause. Just right click on the graphic below and save it to your computer or mobile device to upload it to your Facebook page and update your profile picture.

FULL AUDIO of YMCA Presentation by Josh Humphries

FULL AUDIO of Interview with Josh Humphries

Herbert Hoover’s Missy Smith Named 2018 MaxPreps National Softball Coach of the Year

Coach Missy Smith and family members. (left to right: mother Regina Anderson, brother Andy Anderson, niece Emma Anderson and father Nip Anderson). Photo Courtesy of Beth Strawn.

By: Mark Burdette | July 1, 2018 at 7:27 p.m.

Herbert Hoover High School Coach Missy Smith. Photo Courtesy of Beth Strawn.

CLENDENIN, W.Va. – Herbert Hoover softball coach Missy Smith and her Lady Huskies officially hit the national stage with their victory over Hurricane earlier this season according to MaxPreps softball sports writer, Tom Mauldin. Mauldin reached out to The Clendenin Leader on Friday after multiple failed attempts to contact Coach Smith to share the exciting news that MaxPreps was officially naming Smith the 2018 National Softball Coach of the Year. After successfully connecting Mauldin and Smith to do an interview we could hardly contain ourselves to share in this honor that was bestowed on Coach Smith and to hear her reaction firsthand.

I waited until the next day to give Coach Smith some time to let the news sink in after her interview with Mauldin. Admittedly, I was a little nervous prepping for the interview because after hearing the news myself I knew just how big this was going to be for Coach Smith, her team and the entire Elk River community. This is a very big deal! Mauldin said it best, “There are more than 20,000 public high schools in the U.S. and thousands of private schools. Coach of the Year honor doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

(left to right) Taylor Carpenter, Megan Seafler, Coach Missy Smith and Rebekah Woody. Photo courtesy of Beth Strawn.

Coach Smith and the Lady Huskies’ community impact

Needless to say my first question to Coach Smith was to capture the impact this award had on her personally in being recognized as National Softball Coach of the Year. Smith said, “It’s nice and I always appreciate it, but I like it better when the girls get recognized. A good coach is one thing but you don’t win these awards or get recognized unless you have great players and great people behind you. It’s really not just my award, it is everybody’s.”

Since the 2016 flood that devastated the Town of Clendenin, Elkview and the surrounding area, the Lady Huskies have brought home back-to-back state championships. Their third title in five years. This team has been a beacon of light and hope for a community that has endured so much over the past two years. The one thing I noticed in talking with Delani Buckner and Coach Smith is their poise in handling their success, while keeping the bigger picture in perspective knowing they are not only playing for themselves, they are playing for the entire community.

Smith added, “I think it allows us to understand that we (community) are bigger than just us. We are a small school in West Virginia but we have great players and great support in our area. You don’t have to be from a huge school in another state to be recognized for the great things that you do. I feel like we are a rallying point for everyone. I said the same thing when we won in 2014 and again in 2017 and 2018, the state championship belongs to the whole community, not just the girls on the field. It’s for anyone that has ever worn the Hoover uniform, for anyone that has been to a Hoover game, or help coach, or drug a field, or threw a batting practice. It belongs to everyone, no matter how small, that has helped the Hoover program.”

Volunteers Helping Clean-up and Repair Michael Chandler Field after 2016 Flood. Photo courtesy of Kellie Baker.

The announcement of her award comes just two years after the 2016 floods that completely destroyed Herbert Hoover High School. The entire athletic complex was flooded. The clean-up and repairs took several months to get the sports facilities ready for the upcoming school year. As reported by Charleston Gazette-Mail reporter Derek Redd in his June 22, 2017 article ‘Herbert Hoover showed resiliency, found success in face of tragic floods“, you can gain a sense of how the odds were stacked against the entire community. Elkview Middle School became the new Herbert Hoover High School in the afternoons, while the middle school students went during the morning. It took over a year

Herbert Hoover High School with Elkview Middle School in the background.

Herbert Hoover High School with Elkview Middle School in the background. Photo by Mark Burdette.

before portables were built in the parking lot of the middle school, which is now the temporary home of Herbert Hoover High School. Amidst the chaos which had become a constant for them, and against all odds – sharing space with the middle school because they lost their school and some lost so much more – I asked Coach Smith how her team found a way to stay focused and achieve this level of success, while the world surrounding them was completely destroyed. Smith said, “They are resilient. Whatever you create for your new normal you adapt to. Hoover softball has been Hoover softball since Mike Chandler started the program and the expectations have been the same. It may be a different venue or a different time but the expectations were the same and they knew they could count on their sponsor, their coach, their teammates to help them through whatever they need to get through.”

Hoover stuns Hurricane

Herbert Hoover Softball Coach Missy Smith Congratulating Her Players. Photo courtesy of Beth Strawn.

The Clendenin Leader is new to the community and even though we know or know of the people we interview it still takes time to build rapport and to get up to speed with all the backstory. The Lady Huskies have kept the local media on their toes with their amazing undefeated run this past season. It was important to me with this opportunity to interview Coach Smith and reflect back to the turning point in the season when Hoover stunned Hurricane on a Thursday night in May. Smith added, “The longer that game went on and we were able to stay ahead and keep Hurricane off the base path and play good defense, you could see our confidence building. We had a good record going into that game and everybody knew that we were good, but that was really a confidence boost for us that we could finish it out and be undefeated.” Smith went on to explain that some believed their winning streak was due to a weaker strength of schedule, but the win over Hurricane gave the team the additional confidence they needed.

The Huskies shutout the Redskins, the defending Class AAA state champion five out of the last six years, who only managed just three hits against undefeated pitcher, Delani Buckner. Buckner struck out nine and walked one to lead her team to a 3-0 victory. According to Mauldin, beating Hurricane was when Hoover started to show up on his radar at the national level. After the shutout win Buckner said, “It was wild. We knew it was going to be a tough game. Hurricane knew us very, very well and we knew we had to come in focused. It felt pretty good

Herbert Hoover High School Pitcher Delani Buckner. Photo courtesy of Beth Strawn.

but we knew that we weren’t giving up just yet.” Meaning there was more work for them to do to defend their Class AA crown. They ended up doing just that, repeating as Class AA champions for the second year in a row by defeating Chapmanville at the state tournament, and finished No. 5 in the nation in MaxPreps final poll.

Coach Smith on Delani Buckner

As reported earlier by Mauldin with MaxPreps and the follow-up story I did on MaxPreps Sophomore All-American Delani Buckner, Coach Smith had these words to say about her star pitcher, “I’m happy for Delani being recognized but I don’t want to lose sight of all the girls because I’m proud of each and every one of them, the coaching staff, the community and the administration. One of things about Delani is that she doesn’t realize how good she is and she is always very supportive of her teammates. We can’t do it without her and she knows we can’t do it without them. One of the things I appreciate about our whole team is that they recognize that they need each other.”

A glimpse into the 2019 season

It was no secret to those who followed high school softball in West Virginia that Coach Smith was doing something very special at Hoover. The Lady Huskies were dominating the competition in every game. I asked Coach Smith what she attributed to their dominance on the softball field over their opponents this past year. Smith said, “A lot of it is the hard work these girls put into the off-season playing travel ball and working in the batting cages all winter. When we started in March we were already in mid-season form and kept going from there. This is a very tight knit group of young ladies. They genuinely care about each other and want each other to succeed and do well. When it goes beyond team you start to play selfless because you are playing for your sister and the other team members. Makes it easy to coach a team like that.”

Teams have to be worried knowing the formula that Coach Smith described above is going to be a tall order come next season. Hoover graduated four seniors, Buckner will be a junior and there are four freshman coming up from

MaxPreps 2018 National Softball Coach of the Year. Photo courtesy of Beth Strawn.

Elkview Middle School who have a lot of promise. According to Smith, the biggest challenge going into next season will be managing that confidence, cocky kind of line. Smith added, “I want them to play with great confidence but I don’t want them to get overblown egos and start to be cocky. That is when you let a game slip through your fingers that you could win and I don’t want to be in that spot. Going into next season everybody has to get better. Nobody can be where we were at the end of last year and expect to pick back up and be successful next year. The Saturday after the state tournament we had one girl in a summer tournament and most of the girls competed the following Saturday playing and working hard in the off-season so we are ready to go come next Spring.” “From the second the last pitch was thrown at the state tournament, along with a couple of hours celebrating our victory, I’m already thinking what we need to do for next season.”

A dynasty and legacy being built right before our eyes

Smith played volleyball, basketball and softball (CF, SS) during her high school career for the Lady Huskies from 1993-1996. She graduated from Hoover in 1996. For those of you who don’t know she is a 7th grade science teacher at Elkview Middle School, as well as head volleyball coach for the George Washington High School Patriots based in Charleston, WV since 2005. Smith mentioned the tremendous support from the administration, especially Hoover’s principal Mike Kelly. She said, “Michael Kelly has done a tremendous job restoring pride and expectation to Hoover. Ever since Kelly took over we have seen great successes in the classroom and on the athletic field. As a former student-athlete at Hoover it’s been really nice to see.”

Smith is only the second head coach in Hoover softball history. Mike Chandler started the program in 1987 and coached 19 seasons, won over 400 games, made 3 state tournament appearances with one 3rd place and two runner-up finishes. Smith was an assistant coach under Chandler for two and a half seasons before taking over the reigns in 2006. Smith has amassed a 281-94 (.749 winning percentage) record along with 3 Class AA state championships (2014, 2017-2018) at Hoover. Smith reflected saying, “Chandler literally built our field from the ground up with his bare hands. He definitely laid the foundation. I couldn’t be as successful as I am without what he had done first.” Today where the Lady Huskies play their home games is aptly named, Mike Chandler Field.

When I personally congratulated Smith on her award and the success she and her team has had since winning their first state championship in 2014. She said, “It’s been a pretty good run.” Coach Smith, I concur and the many lives you have touched over the years would agree as well.


Herbert Hoover Huskies Region 2 Champs. Photo courtesy of Beth Strawn.

Be sure to checkout other national and local media coverage of this amazing honor for Herbert Hoover High School softball coach Missy Smith.



Delani Buckner Named To Sophomore All-American Team by MaxPreps

Delani Buckner winding up to deliver a pitch. Photo Courtsey of Beth Strawn.

CLENDENIN, W.Va. – Tom Mauldin with MaxPreps unveiled Thursday their 2018 national high school underclass softball All-Americans. It comes as no surprise to see our very own Delani Buckner on the list.

“Buckner (P) led the Huskies to a 33-0 record and the Class AA state championship when she compiled a 21-0 record with a 0.39 ERA. She struck out 239 batters and issued 28 walks in 125 innings. Add to that, she had a .351 batting average and 19 RBIs” according to MaxPreps.

I had an opportunity to speak with Delani to reflect back on the amazing year she and her teammates had in winning back-to-back state championships, their third in five years. When asked what it meant to be personally recognized on a national level she said, “It was a pretty out-of-this-world feeling.” Buckner went on to add, “I don’t think I would be recognized at this level if it weren’t for my team and my coaches and us being so well received.”

Delani Buckner pitching. Photo courtesy of Beth Strawn.

The impact these young athletes currently have on our community through their hard work and success is nothing short of spectacular. Buckner added, “We are very close knit and if someone gets an award or the team gets an award it’s like the community getting an award as well.” There is no doubt Delani and her teammates are very aware how much they mean to our community and how proud we are of them and their accomplishments on and off the field.

The Lady Huskies totally dominated this season and Buckner attributes her and her team’s performance this past year to confidence. Buckner said, “We never doubted ourselves, we were there for each other and picked each other up if we were having a bad day. Our coaches believed in us no matter what day it was or who we were playing.”

According to softball writer Tom Mauldin with MaxPreps, Hoover started to receive national attention after their victory over Hurricane earlier this year. After beating Hurricane, Buckner stated, “It was wild. We knew it was going to be a tough game. Hurricane knew us very, very well and we knew we had to come in focused. It felt pretty good but we knew that we weren’t giving up just yet.”

Despite being a young team there is a noticeable confidence about this team going into next year that will be on everyone’s radar. Buckner said, “We know we are going to have a huge target on our back. A lot of teams are going to be focused on getting a hit off us and wanting to beat us. Coming off a perfect season we know it will be tough to keep it going.”

As we were reflecting back on the success that she and her team had this year Delani wanted to share a few comments directed towards the Elk River community. “I want to tell the community thank you for all their endless support and staying up to 1:00 a.m. to watch us play Chapmanville in the state tournament. It truly means a lot to us and I just wanted to thank you for everything.”

Herbert Hoover Softball Community. Photo courtesy of Beth Strawn.

The future is definitely bright for Delani, but maybe not so bright for the batters that will have to face her over the next two years. We will be looking forward to next season with great anticipation and wish the Lady Huskies continued success.

To see the complete list of juniors, sophomores and freshman stars across the nation including the 2018 MaxPreps National Junior Player of the Year read the full article by Tom Mauldin on MaxPreps.

Lady Huskies Finish Season at No. 5 in Nation in Final MaxPreps Poll

By: Tom Mauldin | Posted: June 19, 2018 | Source: MaxPreps

Madison of Virginia goes wire to wire in winning back-to-back state titles and claims National Champion honor.

Madison (Vienna, Va.) ran the table on the 2018 season in dominating fashion: 28 wins in 28 games, trailed twice the entire season, won another state title and ran its two-year win streak to 42.

The Warhawks, who won their state championship game 9-0 over 21-7 Manchester (Midlothian) behind pitcher Alex Echazarreta’s no-hitter, are the 2018 MaxPreps High School Softball National Champions.

“It’s special,” coach Jim Adkins said. “To do what these girls accomplished really is amazing. (I’m) really proud of what they’ve done the past two seasons. It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

The Warhawks edged No. 2 Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.), which finished 34-0 and won the state 5A championship, for the national crown.

“There were no down moments this season,” said Adkins, Madison’s fifth-year coach. “Team camaraderie was great, the parents were great, the administration, etc. Everything was just perfect. As a coach, you dream of a perfect season and this would be it.”

It’s the second-straight year Madison has won the Virginia 6A (the state’s largest enrollment classification) championship. In winning the state 6A title in 2017, the Warhawks went 28-1 and won their final 14 games. Their last lost was 4-3 in eight innings and happened 14 months ago. Adkins said his team had no weak spots, one through nine in the lineup could hit and the pitching of All-American Echazareta was dominating.

How dominating were the Warhawks in 2018? Consider the following:

• They won 16 games by 10 runs or more and played a single one-run game.

• They batted .413 as a team.

•  They scored 283 runs, averaging 10 runs per game, while allowing just 26.

• Eleven players scored 10 or more times.

• Nine players had 20 or more hits and four had 40 or more.

• Eight players homered led by Kristin Giery with 12 and Echazareta’s 11.

• Nine players drove in 15 or more runs.

The Warhawks had it all. They committed just 11 errors (a fielding percentage of .976) and opposing batters managed a meager 0.62 average against Echazareta and Giery. They were caught stealing just three times in 59 attempts.

Madison, which is ranked No. 5 in the MaxPreps computer poll, started the season ranked No. 1 in the Virginia/Maryland/Washington D.C. area by the Washington Post. The Warhawks were ranked No. 52 in MaxPreps Xcellent Preseason Rankings. Interestingly, Neshoba Central was ranked No. 50.

Adkins said he set the 2018 schedule to be as challenging as possible and to go unbeaten was a bit surprising. Madison, which has an enrollment of 2,000 students, defeated teams from four states and won the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Tournament in late March by a combined 36-5 margin. All five wins were lopsided.

“We knew we had a good team coming,” he said. “We only lost one senior from a year ago, had seven seniors. We knew we had the makings of a special season.”

Five Warhawks have signed or committed to play at the next level: Echazareta (Purdue), Emily Klingaman(Stanford), Cat Arase (MIT) and sisters Kristin Giery (signed) and Nicole Giery (committed) with Boston College.

Echazareta not only went 24-0 with a 0.59 ERA and 237 strikeouts in 141 innings, but she also batted .495 with 11 homers and 41 RBIs. The older Giery hit .490 and led in homers (12) and RBIs (43). Klingaman led the team in hitting (.597) and runs (39). In all, six players batted over .400, including Nicole Adkins (.413), Nicole Giery (.522) and Kristy Williams (.400).

Though there was no in-season talk about going unbeaten, Adkins said a pivotal moment was coming back to beat highly ranked Bishop O’Connell (Arlington).

“When we came back to beat them and their All-American pitcher (Kat Sandercock), who is headed to Florida State, we knew it was a possibility,” said Atkins. “But with a schedule as tough as ours, we knew how difficult it would be.”

The only other time they trailed during the 2018 season was in the state quarterfinals when South County (Lofton) led 2-1 going into the bottom of the sixth and the Warhawks scored five to win 6-4.

“We started the season with a target on our back and never talked about going unbeaten,” said Adkins. “We had no team mottos. Of course, a goal of every team is to go unbeaten, but we truly took this one day at a time. We asked the players to ‘get better every day.’ ”

And they did.

No. 2 Neshoba’s title was its seventh straight and the Rockets will enter the 2019 season with a 39-game winning streak. Californians San Marcos and Norco finished Nos. 3 and 4, respectively, and Hoover (Clendenin, W. Va.) rounds out the Top 5.

Shawnee Heights (Tecumseh, Kan.), ranked No. 14, has a two-year winning streak of 50 in a row — the longest of any team in the Top 50.

Final 2018 MaxPreps Xcellent 50 National High School Softball Rankings

1. (Last week 1) Madison (Vienna, Va.), 28-0
MaxPreps National championship team includes Emily KlingamanAlex EchazarretaSofia EbersoleWikitoria KowalskaSierra ShieldsOlivia MyersKristy WilliamsHannah CaseNicole AdkinsDevin TownsendNicole GieryLauren OskuieKeisha YoungCat AraseKristin Giery and Abby Bolinger.

2. (2) Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.), 34-0
The Rockets won their sixth straight state 5A title.

3. (3) San Marcos (Calif.), 28-2
The Knights won the San Diego Section Open Division title and finished the season with an 18-game win streak.

4. (4) Norco (Calif.), 29-3
The Cougars finished the season with 10 straight, including 8-2 over Gahr to win the California Southern Section Open Division title.

5. (5) Hoover (Clendenin, W. Va.), 33-0
The Huskies repeated as state AA champions.

6. (6) Tualatin (Ore.), 30-0
The Timberwolves won the state 6A title.

7. (7) Scott County (Georgetown, Ky.), 33-2
The Cards closed the season with 15 wins in a row and the Kentucky state championship.

8. (8) New Palestine (Ind.), 30-1
The Dragons finished the season with 20 wins in a row and won the state 3A title.

9. (9) Keystone (La Grange, Ohio), 34-0
Keystone won the state D2 championship game.

10. (10) Coral Springs Charter (Coral Springs, Fla.), 30-2
The Panthers won the state 6A title.

11. (11) Jackson (Mill Creek, Wash.), 25-1
The Timberwolves won the state 4A title.

12. (12) Champion (Warren, Ohio), 31-0
The Golden Flashes won the state D3 championship and have won 39 straight.

13. (13) Clovis (Calif.), 31-2
Clovis won the California Central Section D1 title.

14. (14) Shawnee Heights (Tecumseh, Kan.), 25-0
The T-Birds won the state 5A title and have won 50 in a row.

15. (15) Sun Prairie (Wis.), 29-0
Maddie Gardner allowed just one earned run in six postseason games.

16. (16) White Knoll (Lexington, S.C.), 32-2
The Timberwolves won the state 5A championship.

17. (17) Prince George (Va.), 23-1
Prince George captured the state 5A title.

18. (18) Hurricane (W. Va.), 25-3
Won its fourth-straight state 3A title.

19. (19) Bentonville (Ark.), 31-3
Bentonville captured the state 7A championship.

20. (20) Ouachita Parish (Monroe, La.), 33-4
The Lions won the state 5A title.

21. (21) Severna Park (Md.), 27-2
The Falcons won the state 4A title.

22. (22) Atascocita (Humble, Texas), 35-7
The Eagles won the state 6A title.

23. (23) Masuk (Monroe, Conn.), 27-0
Junior Sam Schiebe pitched a two-hit shutout while striking out 14, in leading Masuk to the state L title. She walked one and allowed just two balls to be hit past the infield.

24. (24) Pinnacle (Phoenix), 31-6
Won state 6A title and 18 of its last 20 games.

25. (NR) Escanaba (Mich.), 31-3
State D2 title winner.

The Next 25

26. Decatur Central (Indianapolis), 32-4

Lead by pitchers Karli Ricketts (Butler signee) and Kenzee Smith, the Hawks won the state 4A title and their final 14 games. Smith and Ricketts combined for more than 300 strikeouts in a little over 200 innings and 16 shutouts.

27. Hamilton (Chandler, Ariz.), 33-2
The Huskies were Arizona large school state runner up.

28. Canyon (New Braunfels, Texas), 29-2
The Cougs finished second in the state 6A tournament.

29. Forney (Texas), 33-6
Won its final 25 games to claim the state 5A title.

30. South Granville (Creedmoor, N.C.), 28-0
Won the state 2A title as seniors Megan White and Brianne Coleman combined for two dozen homers and more than 100 RBIs and freshmen pitcher Brooke Bowling went 26-0 with a 1.78 ERA.

31. Huntingtown (Md.), 23-1
The Hurricanes recorded 10-0, 15-0, 5-0, 6-0 and 5-0 wins at the state 3A tournament.

32. Baylor (Chattanooga, Tenn.), 34-3
Won state D2-AA title.

33. St. John-Vianney (Holmdel, N.J.), 27-2 
Won the non-public state title.

34. Maple Lake (Minn.), 28-1
Maple Lake won the state 2A title.

35. Cathedral Catholic (San Diego), 28-4
California’s San Diego Section runner-up.

36. Fairhope (Ala.), 45-7
Led by eighth-grader Alea Johnson (15-1, 155 strikeouts in 105 innings and 48 RBIs), the Pirates won the state 7A title.

37. Salpointe Catholic (Tucson, Ariz.), 32-4
The Lancers won the state 4A championship.

38. Sheridan (Ark.), 30-3
The Yellowjackets won their final 22 games and the state 6A title.

39. Amador Valley (Pleasanton, Calif.), 23-5-1
Behind All-American Danielle Williams, the Dons won the California North Coast Section championship.

40. Hagerty (Oviedo, Fla.), 26-5
Won the state 8A title.

41. Rock Island (Ill.), 32-5
Captured the state large school championship.

42. Strafford (Mo.), 29-0
Won state championship and outscored opponents 337-29. Zoey Mullings homered 12 times, batted .600 and had a 0.52 ERA.

43. Great Falls (Mont.), 22-0
Won state AA championship.

44. Spanish Springs (Sparks, Nev.), 33-3

Won state large school title.

45. Bonney Lake (Wash.), 26-2
Won final 14 games and state 3A gold.

46. West (Torrance, Calif.), 30-3
Won California Southern Section D3 championship.

47. Pembroke Pines Charter (Pembroke Pines, Fla.), 26-5
Captured state 7A title.

48. Marist (Chicago), 31-4
Juniors Alexis VossKelly Walinski and Angela Zedak have combined for 48 homers with Voss leading the way with 18. They have combined for 88 extra base hits and 170 RBIs.

49. Pendleton (Ore.), 25-3
Led by senior Lauren Richards (state 5A Pitcher of the Year, the Buckaroos won the state 5A title. Richards was 26-2 with 227 strikeouts.

50. Artesia (N.M.), 29-4
State 5A winner.

WVSSAC to recognize archery as a sanctioned sport

MetroNews/Chris Lawrence
A young lady at the Archery in Schools state tourney takes aim. Soon, students may be competing for WVSSAC trophies.
By: Chris Lawrence | Posted: June 13, 2018 at 8:07 a.m. | Source: WV MetroNews

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — The extreme popularity of archery among West Virginia youngsters has attracted the attention of the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission. Executive Director Bernie Dolan tells MetroNews the SSAC is ready to sanction archery as a school sport in West Virginia.

“We’re going to be working on it to roll it out in the next year or two,” said Dolan. “We want to see how quickly it can become a fully sanctioned sport.”

The framework for the sport is already in place through the Archery in Schools program run by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. The A-I-S has teams in almost all West Virginia schools, including elementary and middle schools and the popularity is what drew the attention of Dolan and the SSAC.

“All of our sports come about because of interest in schools,” he said. “We don’t drive the interest. If there’s enough schools doing a particular activity, often they will submit a letter to us to be recognized as a sport and that’s the case here with archery.”

Dolan said Elkview Middle School Coach Eddie Gray has been…


Lady Huskies Jumps to No. 5 in Nation by MaxPreps

By: Tom Mauldin | Posted: June 12, 2018 | Source: MaxPreps

With last week’s No. 1 team falling, all but two teams moved up a notch in this week’s MaxPreps Xcellent 25 National High School Softball Rankings. One that didn’t was last week’s No. 2 Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.), the state’s unbeaten 5A state champion.
That means Madison (Vienna, Va.) jumps to No. 1 —  the third straight week with a new top team and only one ranking left in the 2018 season.
Does that mean Madison is the MaxPreps National Champion? Or will there be a new No. 1 for the fourth straight week? Perhaps, but it’s safe to say it’s a two-team race between Madison and Neshoba.
Madison wrapped up its 28-0 season Saturday winning the Virginia 6A title (the state’s largest classification), riding the hitting and pitching of senior Alex Echazarreta (Purdue signee).

Neshoba, led by MaxPreps All-American Aspen Wesley (Mississippi State pledge), won the Mississippi 5A (the state’s second largest classification) title four weeks ago. Neshoba finished 34-0.

Madison scored 283 runs, averaging 10 runs per game, while allowing 26. Neshoba scored 274 for a 8.1 average and allowed just 31. Madison won 16 games by 10 or more runs and played a single one-run game. Neshoba took 10 games by 10 or more runs and had a pair of one-run wins.

Each defeated two teams which also won state titles in other classifications. Neshoba finished the season ranked 33 in MaxPreps Computer Rankings. Madison is ranked No. 9 in the computer poll.

The difference might fall to the fact that Madison, which has en enrollment of 2,000 students, defeated teams from four states. Neshoba, with just under 1,000 enrollment, played in-state games only.

But for this week — and perhaps only this week — Madison is No. 1.

East Carter (Grayson, Ky.), last week’s No. 1, went 4-2 at the Kentucky state Championships to finish the season 41-2, but fell from the Top 25.

Next week’s rankings will include the 2018 Top 50, including the National Champion. MaxPreps will also unveil later in June its National Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and a variety of All-American teams.
Let the debate continue.
MaxPreps Xcellent 25 National High School Softball Rankings
1. (Last week 3) Madison (Vienna, Va.), 27-0
The Warhawks got a no-hitter from senior Alex Echazarreta (Purdue signee) to defeat Manchester and win the state 6A championship and finish the season unbeaten.

2. (2) Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.), 34-0
The Rockets won their sixth straight state 5A title. Season over.

3. (4) San Marcos (Calif.), 28-2 
The Knights won the San Diego Section Open Division title. Season over.

4. (5) Norco (Calif.), 29-3
The Cougars finished the season with 10 straight, including 8-2 over Gahr to win the California Southern Section Open Division title. Paige Smith hit a grand slam. Season over.

5. (7) Hoover (Clendenin, W. Va.), 33-0 
The Huskies repeated as state AA champions. Season over.

6. (6) Tualatin (Ore.), 30-0

The Timberwolves won the state 6A title. Season over.

7. (12) Scott County (Georgetown, Ky.), 33-2

The Cards closed the season with 15 wins in a row and the Kentucky state championship. In a 2-1 win over Warren East, senior Kennedy Sullivan pitched a one-hit, 19-strikeout, 13-inning win.

8. (9) New Palestine (Ind.), 30-1
The Dragons finished the season with 20 wins in a row and on Saturday won the state 3A title. Season over.

9. (10) Keystone (La Grange, Ohio), 34-0
Keystone won the state D2 championship game. Season over.

10. (13) Coral Springs Charter (Coral Springs, Fla.), 30-2
The Panthers won the state 6A title. Season over.

11. (12) Jackson (Mill Creek, Wash.), 25-1 
The Timberwolves won the state 4A title. Season over.

12. (14) Champion (Warren, Ohio), 31-0
The Golden Flashes won the state D3 championship and have won 39 straight. Season over.

13. (15) Clovis (Calif.), 31-2 
Clovis won the California Central Section D1 title. Season over.

14. (16) Shawnee Heights (Tecumseh, Kan.), 25-0 
The T-Birds won the state 5A title and have won 50 in a row. Season over.

15. (NR) Sun Prairie (Wis.), 29-0
Maddie Gardner scattered seven hits and drove in two runs to lead the Cardinals to a 7-1 win over Burlington on Saturday for the state large school championship. Gardner, who came into the state tournament with a 0.41 ERA, allowed one earned run in six postseason games. Season over.

16. (18) White Knoll (Lexington, S.C.), 32-2
The Timberwolves won the state 5A championship. Season over.

17. (NR) Prince George (Va.), 23-1
Behind the pitching of Laura Thompson, Prince George captured the state 5A title. Season over.

18. (20) Hurricane (W. Va.), 25-3
Won its fourth-straight state 3A title. Season over.

19. (21) Bentonville (Ark.), 31-3 
Bentonville captured the state 7A championship. Season over.

20. (22) Ouachita Parish (Monroe, La.), 33-4
The Lions won the state 5A title. Season over.

21. (23) Severna Park (Md.), 27-2
The Falcons won the state 4A title. Season over.

22. (24) Atascocita (Humble, Texas), 35-7
The Eagles won the state 6A title. Season over.

23. (NR) Masuk (Monroe, Conn.), 27-0 
Junior Sam Schiebe pitched a two-hit shutout while striking out 14, in leading Masuk to the state L title. She walked one and allowed just two balls to be hit past the infield. Season over.

24. (NR) Pinnacle (Phoenix), 31-6
Won state 6A title and 18 of its last 20 games. Season over.

25. (25) Canyon (New Braunfels, Texas), 29-2

The Cougars finished second in the state 6A tournament. Season over.

Dropped out:
 Stevens Point (Wis.), Barrington (Ill.), St. John Vianney (Holmdel, N.J.), East Carter (Grayson, Ky.).

Herbert Hoover’s Buckner state’s Gatorade softball player of the year

Garrett Cullen,
Delani Buckner of Herbert Hoover was named the Gatorade Softball Player of the Year in West Virginia.
By: MetroNews Staff | Posted: June 11, 2018 at 4:01 p.m. | Source: WV MetroNews

CLENDENIN, W.Va. — Herbert Hoover sophomore standout Delani Buckner this past week was named the Gatorade High School Softball Player of the Year in West Virginia.

Buckner went 21-0 this past season with a 0.39 ERA, also contributing at the plate with a .351 batting average and 19 RBIs. She finished the year striking out 239 batters in 125 an one-third innings.

Herbert Hoover last month won its second straight Class AA softball state championship, completing a perfect 33-0 season.

The Gatorade Player of the Year program annually recognizes…


Lady Huskies Continue to Rise in National Poll by MaxPreps

By: Tom Mauldin | Posted: June 5, 2018 | Source: MaxPreps

East Carter (Grayson, Ky.) is getting another stellar season from seven-year varsity pitcher Montana Fouts and moves to the No. 1 spot in this week’s MaxPreps Xcellent Top 25 national high school softball rankings.
Fouts, a 6-foot-2 senior who has signed with Alabama, continues to make a loud statement to be MaxPreps National Player of the Year. For the season, she is 33-0 with an 0.07 ERA and 417 strikeouts in 196 innings. She has pitched 27 shutouts, a dozen being no-hitters and eight perfect games. She also is batting .604 with12 home runs, 66 RBIs and 18 doubles.

As a result, East Carter is 37-0 going into the Kentucky State Softball Tournament beginning Thursday.

Fouts first pitched for the Raiders’ varsity before she was a teen as a sixth-grader. Since her debut in 2012, Fouts has won 144 games with 1,900 strikeouts in 993 innings. She has lost 14 games during that span, but four have come during the last two state tournaments.

Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.), which won the Mississippi 5A title three weeks ago, concluded its season at 34-0, but has been relegated to the sidelines watching scores from the No. 2 spot in the Top 25.

Unbeaten Madison (Vienna, Va.) jumped four spots to No. 3, while Californians San Marcos and Norco are fourth and fifth, respectively.

St. John-Vianney (Holmdel, N.J.) not only crashed the Top 25, but vaulted all the way to No. 8 after ending Donovan Catholic’s perfect season to win the state’s Non Public championship. St. John Vianney is 27-0.

The Top 10 also includes unbeatens Tualatin (Ore.) and Hoover (Clendenin, W.Va.) recently ended their perfect seasons with state titles.

There’s nothing like the postseason to shake up the Top 25 as eight teams fell from the rankings. It’s the highest number of teams to fall from the Top 25 during a single poll in the last seven years.
Canyon (New Braunsfels, Texas), which was ranked No. 1 for five weeks, dropped to No. 25 this week after losing the state 6A title to Atascocita and finished 29-2. Atascocita takes over at No. 24.
MaxPreps Xcellent 25 national high school softball rankings
1. (Last week 2) East Carter (Grayson, Ky.), 37-0
The Raiders are owning the early rounds of the postseason with five straight lopsided wins, including four by shutout. They open state tournament play on Thursday against 26-5 Butler, a team they beat earlier this season 6-5. The five runs by Butler are the most scored against East Carter this season.

2. (4) Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.), 34-0
The Rockets won their sixth straight state 5A title. Season over.

3. (7) Madison (Vienna, Va.), 27-0

The Redhawks blanked Battlefield and McLean for their 12th and 13th shutout wins of the season. They take on 19-6 South County (Lorton) in the state large school quarterfinals on Tuesday.

4. (5) San Marcos (Calif.), 28-2
The Knights won the San Diego Section Open Division title. Season over.

5. (6) Norco (Calif.), 29-3

The Cougars finished the season with 10 straight, including 8-2 over Gahr to win the California Southern Section Open Division title. Paige Smith hit a grand slam. Season over.

6. (8) Tualatin (Ore.), 30-0
The Timberwolves rallied from a two-run deficit to complete the perfect season, getting a 4-3 walk-off victory over Clackamas. Tualatin became the first big-school program to go undefeated in Oregon since Churchill went 23-0 in 1992. Season over.

7. (9) Hoover (Clendenin, W. Va.), 33-0
The Huskies repeated as state AA champions. Season over.

8. (NR) St. John-Vianney (Holmdel, N.J.), 27-0
Behind the pitching of sophomore Julia Parker, St. John Vianney knocked off previously unbeaten and highly ranked Donovan Catholic, 2-0, then edged Mount St. Dominic, 2-1, to win the state non-public state title. Season over.

9. (11) New Palestine (Ind.), 29-1
The Dragons have won 19 in a row and play Saturday against 25-5 South Bend for the state 3A title.

10. (14) Keystone (La Grange, Ohio), 34-0
Marlie McNulty’s RBI triple in the 12th inning gave Keystone a 3-2 victory over Beloit West Branch (27-4) in the state D2 championship game. Season over.

11. (16) Jackson (Mill Creek, Wash.), 25-1

The Timberwolves won the state 4A title. Season over.

12. (NR) Scott County (Georgetown, Ky.), 27-2
Senior Kenndy Sullivan is averaging better than two strikeouts per inning and has a 0.20 ERA. She also leads the Cardinals with 13 homers and 50 RBIs. The Cards have won 10 in a row as they open state tournament play on Thursday.

13. (20) Coral Springs Charter (Coral Springs, Fla.), 30-2
The Panthers won the state 6A title. Season over.

14. (22) Champion (Warren, Ohio), 31-0
The Golden Flashes have won 39 over two seasons and repeated as state D3 champions with a 9-4 win over Cardington Lincoln. Season over.

15. (17) Clovis (Calif.), 31-2
Clovis won the California Central Section D1 title. Season over.

16. (NR) Shawnee Heights (Tecumseh, Kan.), 25-0
The T-Birds completed their second straight perfect season to run their win streak to 50 over two seasons. As a result, Shawnee Heights has won back to back state 5A championships. Season over.

17. (NR) Barrington (Ill.), 33-3
The Fillies won sixth straight and move into the state 4A super sectionals on Monday against 28-5 Palestine.

18. (19) White Knoll (Lexington, S.C.), 32-2
The Timberwolves won the state 5A championship. Season over.

19. (24) Stevens Point (Wis.), 22-0
The Panthers have opened the postseason with 14-0, 17-2 and 6-1 wins.

20. (NR) Hurricane (W. Va.), 25-3
The Redskins won their fourth-straight state 3A title. Season over.

21 (21) Bentonville (Ark.), 31-3
Bentonville captured the state 7A championship. Season over.

22. (NR) Ouachita Parish (Monroe, La.), 33-4

The Lions won the state title five weeks ago and won their final 17 games. Season over.

23. (NR) Severna Park (Md.), 27-2
The Falcons won the state 4A title by outscoring its opponents 41-1 in four state tournament games. Season over.

24. (NR) Atascocita (Humble, Texas), 35-7
Seven losses is a lot for a Top 25 team, but winning the state 6A title is impressive. The Eagles knocked off previously ranked No. 1 Canyon (New Braunsfels) 5-3 for the title. Atascocita senior outfielder Lauren Bazan was the game’s Most Valuable Player. Freshman Katie Cismuz finished the season with 11 homers, 16 doubles and 48 RBIs.

25. (1) Canyon (New Braunfels, Texas), 29-2
The Cougars, who were ranked No. 1 often this season, lost 5-3 to No. 24 Atascocita in the state 6A finals. Their other loss was 1-0.

Dropped out: Freedom (Oakley, Calif.), Center Grove (Greenwood, Ind.), Maple Lake (Minn.), Donovan Catholic (Toms River, N.J.), Lincoln-Way East (Frankfort, Ill.), Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, Calif.), Chino Hills (Calif.) and South Caldwell (NC).

Prep softball: Champion Herbert Hoover gets three first-teamers on Class AA All-State

Herbert Hoover pitcher Delani Buckner is one of three Huskies named to the Class AA All-State first team. Craig Hudson, Gazette-Mail

By: Ryan Pritt, Prep Sports Writer | Posted: May 30, 2018 | Source: WV Gazette-Mail

Chapmanville and Herbert Hoover took two different routes to the Class AA softball championship game.


Class AA high school softball all-state teams

Kenzie McCann is named captain of the Class AA softball all-state team. Eddie Ferrari,

By: MetroNews Staff | Posted: May 30, 2018 | Source: WV MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The 2018 Class AA West Virginia high school softball all-state teams, as selected by the West Virginia Sports Writers Association.



P – Delani Buckner, Herbert Hoover, So.

P – Kenzie McCann, Chapmanville, Sr. (captain)

P – Holly Brehm, Wyoming East, Jr.

P – Taylor Bonnett, Poca, Sr.

IF – Jenna Thomas, Sissonville, Jr.

IF – Emily Riggs, Bridgeport, Jr.

IF – Brooke Clark, Shady Spring, Sr.

IF – Kirsten Belcher, Herbert Hoover, Sr.

IF – Ashleigh Sexton, Independence, Jr.

OF – Rachel Pennington, Lincoln County, Sr.

OF – Grace Hefner, Braxton County, Sr.

OF – Megan Seafler, Herbert Hoover, Jr.

C – Amber Frame, Braxton County, Sr.

C – Bella Posey, Lewis County, Jr.

UTIL – Olivia Mace, Roane County, Sr.

UTIL – Carly Cooper, Petersburg, So.

UTIL – Alivia Rosnick, Weir, Jr.

UTIL – Madison Anderson, Keyser, Sr.



P – Bella Savilla, Nitro, Fr.

P – Aubrey Smith, Keyser, Jr.

P – Madison Corbin, East Fairmont, So.

P – Logan Shanholtz, Liberty-Harrison, Sr.

IF – Jenna Burgess, Petersburg, Fr.

IF – Haleigh Ferris, Lincoln, Sr.

IF – Peyton Wiseman, Shady Spring, Sr.

IF – Rebekah Woody, Herbert Hoover, Jr.

IF – Kerry Vanmeter, Petersburg, Sr.

OF – Tiara Snyder, Robert C. Byrd, Jr.

OF – Kara Browning, Chapmanville, Sr.

OF – Paige Humble, Bridgeport, Fr.

C – Hannah Walker, Oak Glen, Jr.

C – Rileigh Parsons, Wayne, Sr.

UTIL – Presley McGee, Herbert Hoover, So. (captain)

UTIL – Leah Cochran, Point Pleasant, Sr.

UTIL – Lydia Sweat, Nitro, So.

UTIL – Isabella Aperfine, Weir, Fr.



Jada Freeman, Chapmanville

Chelsea Napier, Logan

Whitney Sansom, Wayne

Randa Watts, Lincoln County

Grace Belcher, Scott

Emilie Walker, Man

Sydney Houck, Winfield

Elyssa Medley, Winfield

Tori Gibeaut, Poca

Mallori Chapman, Herbert Hoover

Cortney Fizer, Herbert Hoover

Sophia Mikula, Weir

Hannah Patterson, Oak Glen

Lexi Boothe, Wyoming East

Kari Walker, Wyoming East

Bradlea Hayhurst, Shady Spring

Savannah Holbrook, Oak Hill

Nicole Kester, Independence

Savannah Bragg, Independence

Katie Hoffman, Berkeley Springs

Ashlyn Spears, Roane County

Payton Merica, Bridgeport

Grace Rock, Liberty Harrison

Gracey Lamm, Lincoln

Madi Andrick, Lincoln

Alexis Hudson, Lewis County

Emma Kennedy, Philip Barbour

Haley Smith, Elkins

Anna Runyan, Fairmont Senior

Ashton Malnick, North Marion

Cara Minor, North Marion

Kelsie Byus, Point Pleasant



Natalie Fouts, Lincoln County

Charlee Mullins, Chapmanville

Baylee Pullen, Lincoln County

Kerigan Moore, Nitro

Mercedes Bush, Poca

KK Short, Winfield

Jessica Canterbury, Herbert Hoover

Allison Phillips, Weir

Samantha Kaczmarek, Weir

Alexa Andrews, Oak Glen

Autumn Miller, Wyoming East

Kaylen Parks, Independence

Katie Griffith, Wyoming East

Hannah Trump, Liberty Raleigh

Maddy Maynard, Liberty Raleigh

Kyndl Johnson, Wyoming East

Kiersten Roberts, River View

Alexis Nicholas, Nicholas County

Katie Richardson, PikeView

Allison Mace, Roane County

Kyla Smith, Clay County

Kassidy Heavner, Braxton County

Kate Stanley, Bridgeport

Allie McAllister, Liberty Harrison

Daisy Gibbons, Liberty Harrison

Hannah Ferris, Lincoln

Ashley Hawkins, Robert C. Byrd

Paije Bragg, Lewis County

Payton Campbell, Lewis County

Lauren Wilmoth, Elkins

Shay Swiger, East Fairmont

Saylor Atha, East Fairmont

Anna Runyon, Fairmont Senior

Tanner King, Point Pleasant

Peyton Jordan, Point Pleasant